Thursday, March 2, 2017

White & Gold Chanel Cake

Well another busy week of caking has past and I am back to showcase like I said I would the white and gold  version of the pink and silver chanel cake from the other week. I actually think I like this version better. I think it may because of the combination of white and gold gives it an air of sophistication. You all can let me know what you think.

Its a 3 tiers covered in white fondant with gold accents on the top two tiers. Each tier is a different flavor; chocolate, vanilla and red velvet in the order. The bottom tier has buttercream rosettes and then sprinkled with gold glitter to give it some extra shine.

The top tier has gold rhinestone banding around the bottom. The bow is made from gumpaste and has the chanel logo in the middle. The middle tier has gold edible beads at each intersection point of the quilted pattern.

The hubby delivered the cake and he said the client was so happy as this was all done over the internet because she lives in a different state and was coming up for her sister's baby shower. Love when everything works out and the clients are super pleased with their cakes.

Until next time...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I'm Back!!!!!!!

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the title states I am back to blogging about cakes again! Life is funny and sometimes you have to roll with the punches.. You are probably like is she still doing cakes? YES! I never stopped doing cakes. I just have been very very busy over the last 2 years with life and raising a family and starting another business.. yes I started another business. Its a natural extension of what I do now so it wasn't a huge surprise to my family and friends. So I now run Kima's Konfections as well Kima's Paper Craft Creations! So I make papercrafts like party decor and other items like scrapbook mini albums that I see online and at craft fairs. So all of that is reason why I have been a very bad blogger:( But the haitus is over now and I am back to blogging about cakes. I might do some party spotlights here and there again since I have branched out am working with a number of local event planners here in Philadelphia so you will still some of that. And I am working on some more exciting news that I can't say yet as it is still being worked out but as soon as everything is finalized I will be blogging about it:)

Since I have done so many cakes over the last two years, I will just randomly start with a few more recent cakes and then go back to show some my favorites. Well this pretty was done back in January for a client in NJ (yes I do take clients that live close to Philadelphia in NJ). Its 3 tiers of vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream filling. I made crown myself over 2 days and let it dry and then brushed it with silver lust dust. I the same thing to the name and the other silver accent pieces on the cake. The bottom tier is a buttercream rosette design. The middle tier is a quilted pattern with silver dragees and then the top tier is all white with rhinestone wrap around the bottom.

This cake is pretty popular on my Facebook page which has got a slight overhaul and you can find it here, so much so that I am doing this cake again this weekend except in white and gold! So you know I will come back with pictures just to show the constrast of the two cakes.

Well I have to run but I will back this weekend to post more pretty cakes. Until next time.. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Party Spotlight-Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins: Pink & Brown Rustic Milk & Cookies Party

Well hello again Ya'll!

I'm back with another fantastic party party spotlight! This time I am spotlighting a good party friend of mine Autumn. Autumn is the owner and creative genius behind Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins. Anything that you can dip in chocolate Autumn makes it including some very yummy donuts:) Autumn is based in Groveport, Ohio so if you are in that part of the state look her up you won't be disappointed!

Autumn created a Pink & Brown Rustic Milk & Cookie Party back in November (which I was a vendor on wink, wink). The party was inspired by her nieces who turned 7 and 10. The following is what Autumn said her awesome party:

As soon as they requested a milk and cookies party I knew that pink, brown and white would be the party theme colors. I wanted the decor to be rustic yet I wanted the girls to still love it!!

he dessert table was complete with traditional chocolate chip cookies, milk and cookie cake pops, adorable sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough bites, pink chocolate covered marshmallows and milk mustache lollipops!

For added fun and of course gorgeous pictures the youngest birthday girl had a great time getting her pictures taken with a beautiful tassel garland and huge 36 inch balloon!!

I hope you enjoyed all the milk and cookies details throughout this party!!! 

Vendor Credits:

Concept & Styling: Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins

Photography: ENV Photography

Printables: Dimpleprints

Waterproof Milk Bottle Labels: Cupcake with Character

Milk & Sugar Cookies: Sweet Baketique

Fondant Milk Bottle & Fondant Chocolate Chip Cookies: Kima's Konfections

Naked cake, Chocolate Cupcakes, Marshmallows, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites, Milk Mustaches, Milk N Cookie Cake Pops, Chocolate Chip Cookies: Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins

Blume Boxes & Plastic Milk Bottles: Party On! Designs

Paper Straws, Cupcake Liners & Mini Nut Cups: The Pretty Party Shoppe

Tassel Garland & Balloon: Dolce Designs

Next post will be about some my cake recent cake orders:) 

Until next time...
Peace & Blessings 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Party Spotlight- Fizzy Party Valentine's Day Party

Morning Ya'll!!!

So I'm back with another vendor spotlight :) But I want to say Belated Valentine's Day to everyone out there! I have been swamped with orders, photo shoots, my crazy 4 year old and of course the Olympics! Lots of surprises there..I will do a separate post about the Olympics later this week but on to the Vendor Spotlight!

This spotlight is on Tiffany owner of Fizzy Party! Tiffany is a party blogger as well as one crafty woman! She has recently opened an Etsy shop which you can find here. She makes the cutest tulle cupcake poms as well as tulle wreaths. You should check her out and give her some love:) I have also collaborated with Tiffany on two styled parties in the last couple of months. One was her Christmas Elf theme party and the other was for Carousel Magazine  which was a Mardi Gras theme party. I can't wait to see the Mardi Gras in the magazine. I have only gotten a sneak peak so I have to wait like everyone else but I am sure it will be fab!!!

Tiffany decided to do a different take on Valentine's Day. So instead of using red, pink and white for a color scheme she decided to use purple and copper! Pure genius! It works and looks great together. You will see the party started outdoors and then due to the brutal winds we have been getting across the country she had to move it indoors but it still looks awesome!

I love the use of glitter in this party.. you can't never have enough of glitter in my book! Also you will see one of Tiffany's pom in the photo above.

Styling, Crafts & Photography Fizzy Party
Cookies by Auntie Bea's Bakery
Cupcake Wrappers by Parties in Style
Straws provided by Green Party Goods

Next post will be about the Olympics!

Until then..
Peace & Blessings

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Year, New Directions!

Good Evening Ya'll! 
Or should I say Happy New Year!! I know I'm like a month late and all..but better late than never:) Since moving to Philadelphia, I have been trying to figure out what direction I want to take the my business. I have decided to stay a one woman business for now.. having an actual shop was a great experience one that I wouldn't give back, but I having had that experience I now know that the rigorous day to day of a shop while trying to balance family life is just to much for lil ole me. I prefer to stay small so I can still give my clients that personalize attention that I have known for as well as being able to take orders when I want to instead of taking on orders to pay bills.. I love what I do and I want to keep it that way:)

I have also been increasing my skill set to make myself more marketable in this new and much bigger market. So I have branched out into cookies:) I have always offered cookies among my products..but I never really marketed them before now. For the last six months I have been expanding my skill set with cookies tremendously and I am loving my new collection of cookies so much so that they are now in my Etsy shop here which you can find h. I am pleased as punch with them and will be steadily expanding my collection for the next couple of months. So for your viewing pleasure here are some of new cookies.

Until next time...
Peace & Blessings!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Building Gingerbread Houses...with Sunny by Design!

Good Morning Ya'll! 
The posts are just going to keep coming! Woohoo!! You fabulous readers will get not one but 2 posts today! I was suppose to do a second post yesterday but with coming home and working on cookies for a photo shoot I didn't have any time to get the post I am doing 2 today:) The first post is a tutorial by my girl Sunny from Sunny by Design.  Sunny does printables but she has branched out into some other aspects of the party world recently. I collaborated with her on her daughter's Panda themed birthday party! It came out soo cute! I will be doing a blog post about that party soon.. But for the last 2 years Sunny has decorated Gingerbread houses with her children and they absolutely love it! Since I don't do Gingerbread houses I thought it would be fitting for Sunny to share her experience with you all. So the rest of this post will be in Sunny's words. Enjoy! 

It wouldn't be Christmas without Gingerbread houses.  Every year for the last three years we have decorated Gingerbread houses.  I love it the kids love it and it makes lasting memories for the holiday season.  This year I decided to forgo the pre-made kits and make them myself.  It was a lot of work and spanned out over three days, but it was so worth it.  

It all started with this tutorial I found on Frog Prince Paperie.  It's a very detailed beautifully illustrated walk-through.  I used the White House Gingerbread recipe from this site and it worked perfectly.  It held up really well in baking and assembly.  There were two tips I found invaluable.  

1.  Roll the dough out in the pan, cut the shapes then remove the extra pieces. This way you never have to move the cut pieces and bend them out of shape.  They just sit in place and hold their shape.  

2. Once you remove the baked gingerbread from the oven.  Take the templates and trace around the warm gingerbread trimming off the extra bits that grew during baking.  This way your pieces always fit perfectly.  This must be done when the gingerbread is warm.  The knife will slide like butter through the cookie.  If you try to trim the edges when it's cold the cookie will be hard and break easily.  It doesn't work trust me I tried.

The one thing I did do differently was to place parchment paper in the bottom of the pan before rolling the dough out.  This made removal so easy.  The first couple pans I baked I followed the directions and just lightly greased the pan before rolling out the dough.  I found it very difficult to remove the pieces from the pan.  Maybe I over baked them or maybe I let them sit too long on the pan before removing.  Either way it was easier for me to just use handy dandy parchment paper.  That way the cookie pieces just slid right off when they were done.  

I started cooking two days before I planned to decorate the houses.  This way the pieces would have plenty of time to cool and set.  Like I said this recipe worked really well.  The pieces were dense and sturdy and not crisp and brittle.  The house smelled wonderful (and still does).  I let the kids munch on the extra bits I trimmed off after baking and they loved them.  

I did draw my own templates for this.  I printed them out on cardstock and used them over and over to create all five houses.  I also used them to do the trimming after the pieces came out of the oven.  If you would like the templates they are posted at the end of this blog entry.  For the back piece I used the same template as the front but didn't cut out the door.

On the second day I assembled the houses with royal icing.  Royal icing is wonderful and for those that aren't familiar with it, it starts out soft and smooth and dries to a rock hard candy like consistency.  Perfect for decorating cookies, making flowers, and gluing together gingerbread.  The icing does harden fairly quickly but I wanted to make sure it had plenty of time to set before the kids started decorating, so I let them sit for a day.  They were probably done after a couple hours but I wanted to make sure.  
After three years of this I think I finally have the decorating process streamlined. 

With four kids you have to be organized and make sure the same candies are available for everybody.  I made a little decorating station for each child with tiny candies and the pieces that needed to be attached, like the door and gingerbread men. 

 I also set out some larger candies in bowls in between the kids with enough to share.  This way I didn't have to set out individual bowls for each child. 

I also had my icing bags ready and waiting.  Speed is important once you start decorating.  Attention spans are short and the icing dries quickly so you have to keep the process going. 
My sweet Marina with the puffy marshmallow roof.

Marcus was so precise with his. 
Notice Myles adorable Lego Star Wars Jammies. 

We started out with the top of the roof. It's just easier to start at the top and work your way down. Since I had to pipe the icing I just filled in the area they were going to work on and let them go to town.

It still amazes me how steady her hand was. Marina takes this very seriously. 

Yes there is candy in his mouth. Maybe that's why he's smiling. 

I love the randomness of Mara's house. When you're three everything is random. 

Next we did the sides and finished with the front.

I think the best part is setting all of the houses on our window sill in a row.  We try not to let anyone touch them until after Christmas but sometimes pieces go missing.  Usually on Mara's house.  

This year after the kids were finished I got to decorate my very own house.  I've always wanted to but gingerbread kits aren't cheap and having to buy four was bad enough.  Now with making my own I didn't have to worry about any of that.  Here are some pics of how my house turned out.

So after three days we had five beautiful gingerbread houses.  Goodtimes.

Frog Prince Paperie and Tradewind Tiaras for posting such an awesome gingerbread tutorial.

Sunny's Templates: 

I would like to thank Sunny for this awesome tutorial! Stay tuned later today for another Christmas party spotlight! 

Peace & Blessings