Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I have been busy with weddings and booking weddings and cupcakes! I have been forgetting to take pictures of the last couple of wedding cakes trying to get them there on time. So I have to remember to take pictures before I leave for delivery. But I have been taking pictures of my new cupcake creations so I will be posting those. I also will be posting more pictures of some cookies I decorated, more pictures of cookies are coming they just take so much time to decorate. In other news.. I am a member of an online community called Cake Central where cakers and cake decorators get together and post forum posts about many different things. The one common thread I've seen lately has been clients either trying to negotiate on the price of the cake or coming with excuses in an effort to get some of their money back after they ate the cake. Now I for one think that this is crazy and thought it didn't happened but it does! I have read soooo many stories about how customers think decorator's cake cost too much and don't want to pay the balance and try to talk the price down. Now I understand cake is food but I'm pretty sure they don't do that to caterers in coming up with menus for their events or florists or even the photography.. so why do it to the cake decorator?? Our time is worth something just like everyone else and so is our art. Cake is edible art to me, it just burns me that everyone doesn't think that way and feels like we should be cheaper than what we are. I tell some customers that if they think I'm expensive call one of those bakeries where their pricing starts at $6.00 per slice or higher and then think how expensive I am. I know there are people out there they do appreciate good cake and the skill that goes into it. It's just a shame that everyone doesn't understand that.

I had to get that off my chest.. now for some pictures!
Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes- Orange dreamsicle flavored cake with orange dreamsicle buttercream

Sample Cake Tasting- I always make cupcakes for tastings because it is easier and I can make extra for clients to take home. 

Tropical Breeze- Mango, Pineapple and Coconut flavored cake with a buttercream made of grenadine, mango, pineapple and tropical punch.

Rootbeer Cupcake- Rootbeer flavored cake with rootbeer buttercream
Vanilla White Chocolate- Vanilla cake with White Chocolate Mocha Buttercream
Raspberry- Raspberry cake with Lemon-Lime Buttercream
Chocolate Caramel- Triple Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate Caramel Buttercream, drizzled with Caramel Sauce and dusted with Cocoa Powder 

FYI: In Jayden news.. he is now crawling!!! Yes my 8 month old is crawling all over the house and pulling himself up on everything so he will be walking in no time. Time is flying by.. he is getting so big its crazy to think that just a couple of months ago he was so little and couldn't do anything. Babies are so amazing!

Peace & Blessings

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cakes & Cookie News!

Hello Again!
I have been a busy little bee trying to come up with new flavors, working on cakes and starting a new decorated cookie line. So I need to go back to last week with my delivery from last Friday when I delivered a groom's cake and matching sugar cookies. The bride to be wanted something that represented her fiance so she gave me a card from the game Magic The Gathering and wanted me to create a cake that looked like the card. Well I didn't disappoint and she was so happy! The cookies were a bit of a challenge in that up until this point I didn't do decorated sugar cookies. Well I was pleased with the way the came out but thought I could do better. So after checking on my favorite forum in the I decided that I could do cookies.. more about that later!
Vanilla bean cake with Chocolate Tuffle Filling
Sugar Cookies with Glace Icing and Fondant Accents

So now we fast forward to this week. I received two orders for July 4th related items and I decided to make some samples for my business class that I have been taking on Thursday nights at York College. I want to open up a shop at some point so I figure I should get as much knowledge in the business arena as possible hence the class:) The first order was for star sugar cookies. So I made 3 dozen little star cookies. The second order was for chocolate covered brownies. Then I baked up some mini cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries for class. 
Star Cookies- sugar cookies with vanilla glace icing in red, white and blue. Decorated with USA, 4 and some dots. 
Chocolate covered Brownies- brownies hand dipped in red chocolate and decorated in red, white and blue glace icing.
Cinnamon Bun Mini Cupcakes & Chocolate/Caramel Mini Cupcakes- cinnamon cake with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with cinnamon; triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate/caramel buttercream and drizzled with caramel sauce
Raspberry Mini Cupcakes- Raspberry cake with Lemon buttercream

Chocolate covered Strawberries- dark and red chocolate covered strawberries in various designs

So now for the big news after some thinking and designing I am launching my own Konfection Cookie Line. Sugar based cookie (in various flavors) decorated to match a theme or event. I am working on some mock up cookies now so pictures will be coming over the next couple of days as I finish them. Also since summer is officially upon us I have some summer cupcake flavors that I will unveiling tomorrow. So until then...
Peace & Blessings