Thursday, February 16, 2017

I'm Back!!!!!!!

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the title states I am back to blogging about cakes again! Life is funny and sometimes you have to roll with the punches.. You are probably like is she still doing cakes? YES! I never stopped doing cakes. I just have been very very busy over the last 2 years with life and raising a family and starting another business.. yes I started another business. Its a natural extension of what I do now so it wasn't a huge surprise to my family and friends. So I now run Kima's Konfections as well Kima's Paper Craft Creations! So I make papercrafts like party decor and other items like scrapbook mini albums that I see online and at craft fairs. So all of that is reason why I have been a very bad blogger:( But the haitus is over now and I am back to blogging about cakes. I might do some party spotlights here and there again since I have branched out am working with a number of local event planners here in Philadelphia so you will still some of that. And I am working on some more exciting news that I can't say yet as it is still being worked out but as soon as everything is finalized I will be blogging about it:)

Since I have done so many cakes over the last two years, I will just randomly start with a few more recent cakes and then go back to show some my favorites. Well this pretty was done back in January for a client in NJ (yes I do take clients that live close to Philadelphia in NJ). Its 3 tiers of vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream filling. I made crown myself over 2 days and let it dry and then brushed it with silver lust dust. I the same thing to the name and the other silver accent pieces on the cake. The bottom tier is a buttercream rosette design. The middle tier is a quilted pattern with silver dragees and then the top tier is all white with rhinestone wrap around the bottom.

This cake is pretty popular on my Facebook page which has got a slight overhaul and you can find it here, so much so that I am doing this cake again this weekend except in white and gold! So you know I will come back with pictures just to show the constrast of the two cakes.

Well I have to run but I will back this weekend to post more pretty cakes. Until next time..