Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Wedding & IPOD cake

So this entry is going to be pretty short since I posted the majority of my projects for this week yesterday. I had 2 orders for today. One was an IPOD birthday cake for my pastor's son. The other is a cake and cupcakes for a wedding. The wedding cake and cupcakes were made with the reception luau theme in mind. The bride wanted flowers on each cupcake and butterflies on the cake.
Floral Wedding Cake/Cupcake Tower- 2 tier red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream. Cupcakes are vanilla dusted with cocoa powder, triple chocolate fudge and lemon with key lime cream cheese buttercream. Various colored royal icing flowers sit on top each cupcake. Cake has wired butterflies and gumpaste flowers on top (orchid, lily, calla lily and jasmine). I made the cupcake tower as well. That was a big learning lesson and now the hubby and I know what to do differently.

IPOD Cake- Vanilla bean cake with White Chocolate buttercream filling. This cake was alot of fun to make. 

I was be posting Saturday night from New Jersey! Yeah! We will be picking up my sister in law for a couple of days before she starts school and visiting my god-daughter because she will be in another pageant! So I will have more pictures of 2 birthday cakes and my first event that I have planned (birthday party) plus cake and high heel cookie favors. I am sooo excited.
Peace & Blessings.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Weddings & Airplanes!

Hello once again,

So I have been able to blog more lately because I am learning to do my prep work for cakes earlier in the week so by the time I have to start baking cakes or cupcakes I have everything else prepared. It really helped me out last week with all of the orders I had and it also helped out a bit this week. For the past two weeks it has been really really busy for me and I love it! It lets me know that the local community is starting to find out about me :) So on to this week. First up was a cake I had to make for a couple that I did their wedding cake back in July. Due to the heat and having their wedding outdoors (which I warned them about) I had some issues with the bottom tier by the time I go to the venue and then the cake sat outdoors in the heat. Needless to say the fondant slid a little. I explained to her what happened and why the fondant slid. So because I am who I am and want all of my customers happy and coming back, I told her that I would do a smaller cake for at her choosing for free. So this is the cake, it was her husband who turned 25.

Butter cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Filling. The 2 & 5 were separate cakes that I attached to the square cake. 

The next cake was ordered from a repeat customer of mine. She is so easy to work with and gives me free reign as far as design is concern (which I love).
Strawberry Theme Birthday Cake- Strawberry cake with Strawberry Buttercream Filling. I made the strawberries on top from red fondant. The vines are dark chocolate with white dogwood flowers. This was my first time making fondant figures so I am really pleased with the way the strawberries came out. 

The next couple of pictures are from the order a customer picked up today for her sister's wedding. The wedding will be held in Maryland tomorrow. She preferred to take the cake and things down rather than have me deliver. The wedding's theme was red, blue and airplanes. This order was good size too one smaller cake (for the wedding party), sugar cookie favors and cupcakes for the guest. I love doing these kinds of orders because I am doing multiple things for one event and it shows off my skills. 
Airplane Wedding Cake- Triple Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Buttercream fillings. The cake is decorated with blue and white compass roses on the sides. On top sits a little airplane that the couple wanted. A very talented fellow cake decorator did the plane for me since I am not that good with fondant figures yet. I had to put it together and think I did a pretty good job:)
Compass Rose Cupcakes- Matching cupcakes to the airplane wedding cake. Cupcakes were carrot, vanilla and chocolate. Topped with blue and white compass rose. 
Airplane Sugar Cookies- Vanilla sugar cookies decorated with red and blue royal icing. The cookies have the couples name and the wedding date on them. I made the favor tags as well. 

Cupcake Tower- I made this square tower to go put the cake and cupcakes on. 

I really wished that I could have set this up but I will have to wait for pictures so see how she set it up. I will be posting more pictures tomorrow after I deliver and set up a cupcake tower for another wedding. I also made some delicious cakes for my church's annual picnic for the baking contest. I also have a birthday cake to deliver as well. But I have GREAT news for everyone. Kima's Konfections is moving! Yes we have have been approved for a house in the city of York (we currently live in the township). It is up the street from a park on a quiet one way street. But the best thing to me is it has sooo much room! I will be able to have a dedicated room just for the business! Which means I can take on more customers! I am so excited and more updates will be coming soon with pictures. Move in date is set for sometime in October! 

Peace & Blessings

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Updates & More Updates!!!

Please excuse if this and the next blog entries are long because there is a lot I need to get caught up on. I have been super busy between all the orders for August I have and Jayden learning how to crawl and pull up on everything at the same time! I have been trying to bake and keep on eye on him at the same time. I also a wedding, birthday cakes and a huge muffin/cookie donation to a woman's empowerment conference last Saturday so this is the first time after recovering that I have been able to blog. So now before the rush begins for the week tomorrow, I decided to get at least an entry and some pictures up. So here we go!

Spongbob Cake- Top is Vanilla Bean with Chocolate Buttercream & Bottom is Chocolate with Peanut Butter Buttcream. Everything on the cake is edible except the wires shooting out of the top and Spongebob figures.A loyal repeat customer of mine ordered this cake for her daughter's birthday. Alix loved her cake.

Monster Truck Cake- Vanilla cake with Cookies-n-Cream Filling. A newer customer ordered this cake for her grandson's birthday. She was referred through the other bakery in York (we have a great working relationship with each other). I liked this cake because it was something different than the regular birthday cakes. 

A New Jersey customer ordered these cupcakes along with a matching cake for his daughter's birthday. The cupcakes are vanilla and chocolate covered in fondant in shades of turquoise and purple. I think added the fondant figures of necklaces, wands, hearts and flowers to reinforce the princess theme he was looking for. 

Little Monkey Cake- Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream. This customer wanted the cake to match the pattern on the plates and napkins she had for her son's party. So I made the fondant monkey and drew the face on with an edible marker. The monkey came out better than I expected and I love the challenge of trying to match birthday themes. 

Coach Theme Cake- Triple Chocolate Fudge with Chocolate Ganache Filling. My customer wanted a cake that represented her daughter's love of coach. Her daughter had a favorite purse that was purple with the coach signature on it. So I had came up with this design along with a design for an actual purse. She liked this one better. I think I will attempt this cake again in the shape of an actual purse once the wedding rush slows down a bit. 

Pink & Beige Birthday Cake- Amaretto cake with White Chocolate Buttercream. Another bakery referral (on vacation this time) client. She saw a similar cake I did for the bridal show I attended in the Spring and loved the look. I changed the colors to what she wanted and added the names of the birthday women along with Happy Birthday in Spanish and fondant flower on top. When I delivered it her and her daughter absolutely loved it!

This cake is my first cake covered entirely in buttercream. It was for a 50th wedding anniversary. They wanted to keep it very simple so I did. The flowers are dogwood in pink and white. The cake was chocolate with white chocolate buttercream filling and covered with chocolate buttercream. I still like fondant better :) 

Tool Box Cake- Pink Lemonade cake with Mango Buttercream Filling. This cake was made for my father in law's birthday. He is a handy man (quite good too) so my hubby wanted me to make a cake that included that theme and this is what I came up with. I am proud of this cake because it really came out looking like a tool box. The tools are made from chocolate. My father in law was quite surprised when he received on Saturday because he had no idea I had shipped him anything. I love surprises. 

So that is all for now.. I will be blogging again tomorrow night with pictures of cupcake creations. Until then..
Peace & Blessings.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Long Post Will Be Coming Soon...

Hi All!
I just wanted to let everyone that I will be posting a longer than usual post tomorrow due to all of the pictures I have to share over the last couple of weeks. I have been more and more local orders so that is where I have been... baking lots of things.... the next post after tomorrow won't be until Saturday night because I have a huge muffin donation, wedding and birthday due for Saturday.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Peace & Blessings