Sunday, November 7, 2010

Changes, Changes & More Changes!

So I know its been over two months since I last blogged but I got caught up in baking cakes and other things that time just flew by! Two of the most important changes has been moving into a house and moving my business into a shop! Yes I know, Kima's Konfections now has an actually store front in York, PA! I am so amazed and proud at the same time. So now that both moves are behind me I can start blogging again.. oh I had a major milestone in my life yesterday.. my adorable son Jayden turned 1! He is no longer a baby any more but a toddler who walks and has his own attitude to boot. So you guys will be hearing more from me from now on. I have so much going on with the shop that I will just share a little bit with you now and as I transform the shop into my dream shop I will keep you updated.

First I had revamped my pricing structure and product list. I did this for a few reasons but mainly because I thought it would be simpler to have one price for cakes for my clients. I also got rid of some products that weren't selling. I also just completed (yesterday) the most updated cake flavor list. It will be posted on my site in the next couple of weeks and is available in the shop now. Other changes include our Mommy & Me cupcake decorating class for parents and their children. Kids are allowed to come into the shop and decorated cupcakes with their parents. Its great fun for the kids and their parents. Another class that will be making its debut in December is my I Can Decorate too! Class for teenagers and young adults. More information on that class will be coming soon.

So now on to the good part... cakes and cupcakes!
Amaretto Dream Cupcakes- Amaretto flavored cake with Milk Chocolate Buttercream 
topped with a Dove Chocolate Square.

 Juicy Couture Handbag Birthday Cake- red velvet cake with swirled Strawberry and Banana Buttercream. All of the design elements I did myself by hand.
Fashion Diva 30th Birthday Cake- 2 tiers of Strawberry cake with White Chocolate Buttercream and 1 tier of Butter cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream. All of the handbags, shoes and makeup are all made out of sugar. Cake was delivered to Baltimore, Maryland.
 Tropical Theme Birthday Cake- Amaretto cake with Vanilla Buttercream.
 Sports Theme Birthday Cupcakes- a variety of cupcake flavors with sports theme fondant figures for 2 little boys.
 Fall Theme Wedding Cupcake Tower- variety of cupcakes on tower along with cake topper in lemon cake.
 Fall Rustic Wedding Cake- Chocolate & Cherries cake with Chocolate Buttercream. Decorated in fall inspired items like birds, pumpkins, leaves in fall colors and twigs. Wedding was at the Duke Farm in Fawn Grove, PA.
 Almost 60 Birthday Cake- Vanilla Bean cake with Strawberry and Cream Filling. Covered in Vanilla Buttercream and decorated with star gazer lilies and calla lilies. Cake was delivered in Yoe, PA.
 Princess & Frog Theme Cupcake Tower- variety of cupcake flavors with birthday's name, wands/crowns and lily pads. Cake topped with birthday girl's name on it and a little fondant frog.
 Coach Handbag Cake- Chocolate cake with Oreo Buttercream. Decorated like a Coach bag with fondant makeup pieces all done by hand. Picked up at the shop in York, PA.
 Ruffle Wedding Cake- 2 tiers of Chocolate cake with Reese peanut butter cup and chocolate filling, 1 tier of pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese Buttercream and the last tier is white cake with fresh strawberries and Vanilla Bean Buttercream. Square tiers have a maple leaf impression dusted in edible gold. Delivered to the Stone Mill Inn in Hellam, PA.
Piglet Birthday Cake- Chocolate cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream. Cake decorated to look like Piglet's face. There were cupcakes my client ordered to go along with the cake but the cake was the cutest. Picked up at the shop in York, PA.

I will be posting more pictures tomorrow and maybe Tuesday until I get all caught up. Until then.
Peace & Blessings