Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Ready....for Cake Compeitition!!

Hi All!
I have been busy preparing for this cake competition that I will be participating in this Sunday (February 6th) in Lancaster at the Eden Hotel. There is so much that needs to be done... making tons of sugar flowers, picking cake flavors, figuring what I am making for brides to taste, and table decor. In addition I have my regular cakes and then some orders for the Superbowl. So this is a super busy week for me:) Now if only the snow and bad weather would go away so people can come into my shop again and I will be a happy camper! I have also confirmed that on February 26th at my shop will be the PRIMP N POLISH event in conjunction with Primp Agency of York, PA. There will be talented artists doing nails, lashes and make-up as well yummy desserts provided by and an open cake tasting for brides to be. I think this will be a very fun event and a great weekend since our first Poetry Cafe will be that Friday (the 25th). So since I will be busy I will be doing 2 more posts this week; one on Saturday for the weekend cake orders and one on Sunday night about the competition. So you will be hearing more from me this week.
Until then,
Peace & Blessings