Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Been A Long Time..

Hello Everyone!
I know its been a long time since I blogged but I have been soooooo busy between the shop and moving into a house and now dealing with a 1 year old! So the time had flown by. So I have finally gotten mostly everything settled in the shop. I just have to put together the bookcase and fill it with the books and find a bistro table. For some reason I can't find one any where. But other than that things are going along I will be glad when spring comes around so I can really advertise the way I want to. I moved into a 4 bedroom house so I am trying to fill it with the stuff, paint and organize. Boy is it taking forever! Now I know why people are still living out of boxes months later when they move into a house. Then to top it off my little bundle of craziness Jayden turned 1 in November and has been running (literally) around the house getting into everything. So as you can see I have had a lot of my plate and blogging got pushed to the wayside. I will make an effort to blog on constant schedule. So if any of you are interested after taking a lot at all of the cakes and cupcakes I have done I am proudly located at: 1413 North George Street York,PA 17404.

So now on to the cakes and cupcakes! I have added a lot of new flavors to my cakes and cupcakes which can be found on my website Kima's Konfections. So I am going work my way backwards starting from today and then go backwards to catch all of the cakes and cupcakes that I missed.

Sunflower Cake- Peanut Butter Fudge flavored cake torted with layers of chocolate ganache and peanut butter buttercream

My first I Can Decorate Too! class was December 18th. I had 2 students who were very eager to learn and they had lots of fun. This class is like a crash course in cake decorating so what you would learn in the first 2 Wilton decorating classes you learn in one night. I am also available for questions for my students any time. The class is $50 ($55 for gourmet cake) and you just bring yourself to the class. I provide everything including the cake and buttercream. 

 Cappuccino-Tiramisu Cupcakes- Cappuccino-tiramisu flavored cake with Vanilla Buttercream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.
 Passion fruit Cupcakes- Passion fruit flavored cupcakes with a tropical punch buttercream and topped with a pineapple sauce.

 Pink Wedding Dress Cookie- sugar cookie decorated with white fondant and pink sanding sugar and edible pearls.
 Blue Wedding Dress- wedding dress shaped sugar cookie with blue fondant and light pink sanding sugar and metallic blue edible pearls.

Pink & Pearls Wedding Dress- pink wedding dress sugar cookie decorated in pink fondant and edible luster dust and edible pearls. 

So the next post will have more pictures from previous made cakes along with some pictures of my Mommy & Me Cupcake Decorating Class. Also we are in the process of putting together some birthday party packages and a Poet Cafe once a month at the shop so lots more information coming soon!

Peace & Blessings