Friday, April 27, 2012

My Take on Naughty Cakes

Good Evening Ya'll

Time seems to be flying for this month.. its the end of the month already.. Where did the time go? May is upon us already and I will be gearing up for a big month full of cakes:) So to wrap up April I wanted to tackle the issue over "naughty cakes". This topic was brought to my attention via  a client of mine, M. who wanted to order a naughty cake for her finance for his birthday. When she called me so was at the end of her rope because everyone else she called either hung up on her (her words not mine) or told her they didn't go them. So when I asked her what she wanted and she told me I had to laugh a bit because I was like you were hung up on for that... she wanted a cake in the shape of breast that showed a little bit of nipple. I was like okay I can do that. She was sooo happy that I was able to do it and I was happy to do it for her. Now this is my take on "naughty cakes" and I know every cake decorator is different so you will probably get a couple of different views on this subject but this is mine. Now I am a very devout Christian and thus I do a have in terms of what I will and won't do business-wise. At the same time I make cakes and do them because I love to make cakes and but also to make money as well.  So the only theme that I will not tackle is the male anatomy, particularly some one calling to ask for the male anatomy in the nude. That is a cake that I won't do. Nor will I do cakes nude cakes of the female anatomy below the waist line (a nice way of putting it ;). I will do male and female torsos as well as 3D figures scantily clad, but not nude. Anything above the waist line for me is free reign and I will do it for a client.

Now I know some decorators out there don't have those kind of restrictions but for me I am not comfortable with doing anything more than that, if they are more power to them and I will refer people to those decorators. That is the great part about cake decorating, there is a decorator out there for everyone:)

The best part about this story is that not only did she love the final product, her dad did as well and three weeks later he ordered a cake for someone at his job for their birthday. So it just shows you never know when you will get a referral.

Below are the two cakes that I did for daughter and father. I did get a kick out of doing them to see how real I could make them look and the experience helps me grow as a decorator.

Red & Black Breast Cake- Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling 

Steelers & Penn State Female Torso Cake- Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream 

Peace & Blessings 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Organized

Hi Ya'll!

I have finally..finally...finally gotten my upstairs office all worked out thanks to my wonderful hubby:) When I moved out of my shop about six months ago I had no time to stop and get myself properly organized with an office. I had too many orders to do and the holidays were coming up so the office got put on hold. So now six months later my office is finally coming along. There is still work that needs to be done to it but at least I can work in here on my projects instead of working downstairs in the dining room like I was doing before. The hubby is happy because now our first floor looks like a regular house again with the exception of the cake displays I have around (I couldn't help myself lol). I have been working in the office all of this week and it has helped me concentrate more (no tv in the office) so I am producing more in a shorter amount of time. I also like it because it is on the 2nd floor of the house and my son can play in his room and I check in on him with just a few short steps:)

Once I have it all finished I will post some pictures but its not at that point yet..I still have more go to but I am happy with the results so far.

Now on to today's topic.. which is cookies! Yes I know I don't talk about cookies that often and that is because people assume that since I do cakes and cupcakes I don't do decorated cookies..which is quite the opposite I love when I get cookie orders. And most orders come from my repeat clients who want something different to go along with their cake order. Well these sweet cookies below were requested by a repeat client of mine J, back in March for the birth of his second girl. He wanted the cookies to pass out to friends who stopped by his house when they brought the baby home (soo cute I know;) He had a few requests that they be jerseys, the color lavender (absolutely no pink he said) and have the family last name on them. So I chose lavender and white as a color scheme and added some luster dust and flower to make them more feminine. In the end I like the way they came out and he loved them.

I also made 2 onesie cookies for the now "big sister". I only have one child but I know from friends and family that some times the older child feels left out during the birth of a new baby. So this was my way of making her feel special too. 

Now its time for me to go do some baking... 
Until then 
Peace & Blessings