Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How Can One Toddler do so Much!

As you can tell this quick post isn't about cake or cupcakes..but about my son Jayden. It is amazing how fast kids grow, but I can say having a toddler right now is sooo not fun! I think I am convinced that it is just boys because everyone that I have spoken with that has boys all say the same thing.. at this age they are crazy! And mine is no stranger to the crazy train either. Besides doing typically toddler stuff..Jayden has to always add in the little extra that makes him Jayden. Like this morning he decides he wants to pull the tissues out of the tissue box! And then looks at me like I am crazy one! He thinks by smiling and flashing me a little smile that I won't be mad or yell but sometimes the crap that he does drives me and my hubby through the roof.  I now fully understand the expression "Terrible Two's". If anyone out there is going through the same thing... please let me know how you deal with it because trying to reason with an almost 2 year clearly does not work. LOL.

Oh and a couple of great cake posts will be coming soon I promise. I just have had a lot going on in the last couple of weeks, not to mention our first birthday party at the shop for this Saturday that I am prepping for. So I promise at least one if not two posts are coming your way this week:)

Peace & Blessing