Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update Post Competiton

So I know some of you are probably wondering why I haven't blogged in awhile and what happened with the competition. WELL.. I got really sick, came down with the flu, and was not able to compete :( I know I was so upset over the whole thing because I worked so hard to get everything ready. But there is always next year and other competitions. I did learn some pretty important aspects of about getting ready for a competition.. like how much work goes into it and how important it is for you to have a great display table. I give my hat off to those decorators who constantly compete throughout the year. So in learning all of this I will be attending the PA Cake Show in April and then prepare to compete in the White Rose Cake Show in November :) So that is what happened with the competition and now on to some cakes!

Black Skull Diaper Bag- Shirley Temple cake flavor with Vanilla Buttercream. My client brought me a picutre of a diaper bag that she bought for her upcoming baby. She wanted me to make the cake look like the diaper bag so that is what I did. 

Cowboy-Bed Cake- Since due to copyright laws we can't replicate certain characters so I had a client who wanted a Toy Story 3 cake. So in order to appease her I did a cowboy theme cake. 
Church Hat Cake- One of the elders in my church Cornerstone Baptist Church in York, PA birthday was coming up and her daughter wanted something special. She told me that she loves her church hats that she wears to church so my assistant and I made this beautiful hat cake. She absolutely loved it!
Family Themed Birthday Cake- This cake was for a woman who hobby was her family. So I hand cut out an outline of a family and then added the words love, home and happiness. Everything is made out of fondant.

50s Theme Birthday Cake- This cake is for a woman who turned 70 and she loved the 50s. So I used 50s colors and rock n roll as the theme of the cake. So there are records, a guitar, and old fashion tv and music notes on the cake. 

I will be making a serious effort to blog more in fact I will be posting again tomorrow night  in order to get caught up on posting pictures and other updates that have been going on at the shop. 

Until then...
Peace & Blessings