Friday, May 4, 2012

Buttons, Bows & Florals

Good Evening Ya'll!
It always seems around here that I will have a quiet week and then mid week I'll get some phone calls and everything changes. This week was no exception, I started with no orders just 2 cakes I planned on doing for some co-workers of my hubby (one birthday and one had a baby a while ago). I have been so busy that I wanted to do something for them because they really support my husband at work and are really good friends to him, so this was going to be my thank you them. Well Wednesday comes and I start to plan out what I was going to do when I get not one but two cake orders, one for today (Friday) and one Sunday. So since I was already baking I just baked up the rest of the cake layers I needed. But since both of these are kind of detailed, the other 2 cakes have been put on the back burner until tomorrow so I can work on them. So needless to say those pictures will be in my post for Sunday. Today I wanted to discuss some older cakes I have done in the last two months. All three of them were made for birthdays for women ( I don't get many birthday cake orders for men.. men love cake too).

All of them had some kind of feminine element to them whether it was bows, ruffles, buttons or flowers. I am starting to see that as a trend this years especially buttons and fabric looking flowers seem to be very popular. So the first cake was for a new client who wanted to order a cake for her grandmother. The only request she had was that it was a lime green color on the outside and the filling to be key lime. So I use a key lime curd filling and the covered the outside of the cake in lime green fondant. I could have just stopped there and put Happy Birthday on there but I always take these kinds of opportunities to do something different. So I use some button molds I recently purchased here via I dusted them in pearl luster dust and glued them on in a diagonal pattern coming done the side of the cake. Once I did then I added a bow and dusted that in more pearl dust. It gave the cake the extra something it needed. My client was soo surprised and happy.

The next two orders were done in the same week and were for some family members. The first was for my little sister in law who celebrated her 18th birthday and the second one was for my cousin in law. Since were visiting my in laws I brought both cakes along with me instead of shipping them like I normally do. My sister in law was very surprised because she had no idea I made her a cake ( I love surprising her:). I wanted to make her cake more sophisticated than the last cake I did for her 16th birthday. So I went with black and teal and a touch of bling. She loved it which of course makes me happy. I did a vanilla double barrel 5 inch cake on top and a regular 6 inch root beer cake on the bottom. I also added some white ruffle flowers for a pop.
The cake for my cousin in law (which I never met until she came to pick up her cake lol) was one I had fun with because she gave me free reign and just told me a few things she likes. She said she was girly and her favorite color is yellow so I made her a hat box cake filled with pearls and flowers. So ultra feminine that I giggled while making it because I knew as soon as I started adding the flowers in she would love it. Of course she did and was so over joyed because she thought she was getting a simple cake. I told her I don't really do simple cakes.. I always have to over do it on some level. I think its just apart of my cake decorating process:)

I love how I got the lid to sit at the angle.. which too me forever to figure out. LOL. And once I did I was like duh!

So that's it for now until Sunday when I will showing you guys one very feminine Parisian graduation cake and bright baby shower cake.

Until then
Peace & Blessings