Saturday, February 20, 2010

So Many Cakes, So Little Time....

Like the last post, it has been a while since I posted something. I have been ridiculously busy with Jayden (getting bigger and more active every week) and Valentine's Day. Now that V-day is over, I can relax a little bit. My website is finally up and running! I am so excited because I am starting to get local business from it. Also I secured my first wedding this week. I had a cake tasting for a very cute, modern couple. They want a topsy turvy cake with each layer having a different design. I can't wait to do this cake! Back to Valentine's Day, which was crazy non-stop baking for a week and a half. I have also learned that trying to ship overnight on Fridays and Saturdays just does not work it is way to expensive. I ended up making 4 cakes, lots of cupcakes in a variety of flavors, chocolate covered brownies/pretzels, cake pops. By the time Monday rolled around after Valentine's Day I was sooo tired. I then had to make a birthday cake for a three year, Tinkerbell themed. Its so cute how children have their favorite cartoon characters. And then earlier today I delivered a Hollywood themed Engagement cake. I loved doing the Hollywood cake because the client who ordered the cake gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted, which I loved. I ended making one tier purple and the other blue. I also had stars and some film reels on he side of the cake. Next week, I have an order for a Princess Tiana cake in buttercream so I will be definitely posting that picture. All pictures will below from my latest orders.

York is having a bridal show that I can afford to be a vendor at! I am so excited and will be talking about it with my hubby tomorrow to come up with a plan of action for my table. I want to be able to have samples and some dummy cakes to take along as well as a miniature candy buffet scape but I don't know if I can get all of that on the table. I also have to think about linens to decorate the cake and promotional items. It is so much but I am so excited to be able to attend a bridal show, it was on my business to do list for this year. I am still on the hunt for a closer commercial kitchen so I don't have to drive all the way to Lancaster. I also obtained my first candy buffet order this week as well. My client is giving a birthday party for her daughter and the theme is Abby Cadabby, now I was like who is that? Then I found out she is one of the newest Sesame Street characters. So I will be making a cake and doing a candy buffet in Abby Cadabby colors. I have also decided to give my brother's girlfriend a baby shower, they are having a boy. So the color scheme for that is going to be blue and brown so I will also be taking pictures to post from that event. I have to get on the ball with that this up coming week to get the invites out. I also have a few orders for March and a very special dessert buffet. God has been really good to me in that my business has really taken off I am hoping by July I will have established myself in York to be able to get consistent local business.