Saturday, May 8, 2010

Slow Period..

I haven't been blogging much lately because business has slowed down over the past two weeks. I really didn't have much scheduled but next week the rush starts again :) So this week I had a baby shower cake (my first request) and a candy buffet to do. The baby shower came out really cute though I really wanted the fondant accents to come out better.. oh well don't have to worry about that once I get my Cricut Cake! That thing looks great and will make my cakes look much better and will make decorating cakes go a lot faster. So the baby shower cake was pink with a baby bottle, safety pin, baby carriage and rattle on the top. The cake was lemon with strawberry filling and strawberry buttercream.

The other delivery I had today was for a candy buffet and cupcakes along with a small personal cake for a 5 year old. It had to be delivered to a skating rink. When I got there they didn't have an extra table for me to set up the buffet :( But I made it work nonetheless.. and I think it came out really cute. All the candy was blue, pink or purple to coordinate with Abby Cadabby (which is the birthday girl's favorite character right now). I also made goodie bags and personalized cupcake toppers. I used foam crowns and butterflies to add to the overall scheme of the table. This is my second candy buffet I have done so far and I learn from each one. This one took me longer to set up because of all the jars and candy involved. I can't wait till I get another order. I have a wedding with dessert buffet coming up so that is going to be so excited. Other than that nothing much is going on. Peace & Blessings.