Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cakes & Cupcakes Part 2

Hello Again,
So I am trying to be more consistent with my posting like I mentioned before so here I am posting again. So some pictures will be newer ones, while others will be older ones. I think the shop has hit the winter slump that happens to small businesses because orders are coming but not like they were the snow hit. Darn snow! But I can say that the snow has allowed me to seriously think about the goals for my business for this year and changes I would like to do to the shop. I have also been working on some up coming events that I would like to have in the next couple of months. One of them is a Valentine Cupcake Party for kids on February 12th. So instead of the Mommy & Me classes which only allow for 4 kids at one time.. this party will be for a much bigger group where kids can really interact with one another also they will be doing some crafting besides decorating cupcakes. We are also having out first Poetry Cafe on the 25th of February featuring local poets and of course there will be plenty of yummy cupcakes and gourmet coffee for everyone.

I have also finally come up with a design for the cake competition I will be in next month. I am soo excited about this because the cake decorator who wins will be featured in Susquehanna Style Magazine and that can do big things for a small business like me! So I will be working on some sugar flowers next week and will be taking pictures to chart my progress. I will also be posting pictures on here and Facebook of some of my Valentine's specials so if any of you are interested in ordering you will be able to see some of the goodies.

Now on tooo the cakes!

Monkey Zebra Theme Cake- Neapolitan cake flavor and decorated with 8 fondant monkeys all at different ages and doing different things. By far one of the cutest cakes we have done. 

Eagles Birthday Cake- Everything is edible with the exception of the Eagles symbol. Footballer is made from fondant. 

Sweet 16 Topsy-Turvy cake- Vanilla cake with Vanilla Buttercream. The client brought in a picture and wanted me to replicate it which I did with some minor color changes. 
Purple Zebra Print Sweet 16 Cake- Chocolate cake with Vanilla Buttercream. Another client who brought in the picture of what she was looking for. Doing the spirals on top was a bit of a challenge because the balls didn't want to stay where I put them but I told them who was boss! LOL.
Thomas the Tank Sheet  Cake- Chocolate & Vanilla cake with Whipped Icing. Thomas is made from fondant along with the other decorations. I don't really do cake covered in whipped icing or buttercream but when a client asks for it I deliver. 

 Chocolate Hazlenut Praline Cupcakes- another new cupcake flavor that I just came up with last week. Chocolate cake with a hazelnut praline sauce baked into the cake. Topped with Chocolate buttercream and more sauce on top. I made these beauties for a donation that ended up at a baby shower.
21st Birthday Cap Cake- So this is another attempt at carving 3-D cakes and I am getting so much better. Lemon cake with Kit Kat Chocolate Buttercream filling. Black geeky glasses and an IPOD nano complete the cake. Design was based on what my client said her son liked. 

Air Jordan Retro Sneaker- 3rd attempt at cake carving. This one was way more difficult than the other two I have done. Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. 

Well that's it for now..but more pictures are coming along with more Valentine's information and pictures. 

Until then..
Peace & Blessings