Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Product Review!

Hi All!

 So I went out last week and got the Cake Pop maker by Babycakes, so as promised I will be giving my review of it. So I like the fact that it comes in an adorable purple color. Second, it heats up in no time! I mean I had it on maybe 5 minutes and it was ready to go. Now the down side is that since you can only bake 12 cake pops at a time, your cake batter will be setting for awhile, while each batch bakes. So you can imagine after a couple of batches the baking powder in the batter starts to active which isn't good:( So I guess the key is to make smaller batches of batter. Also I would use a denser cake batter because once the balls are baked up, you have to pluck them out of their little cavities. Recipes that bakes up light and fluffy will be noooo good because you will end of smooshing the balls like I did with my first batch. Sorry didn't take a picture.. I was too upset trying to figure out how to get the second batch better. All in all I think it is definitely worth the $25.00 it cost (unless you get it on sale like I did and paid $22.00!). It ends the hassle of having the bake cake, mix frosting then chilling the balls before you dip them. I am giving the Cake Pop Maker a B+ for the ease of use but I would love it if it was a little bit bigger to make more at one time.

These are the cake pops that I made with the cake pop maker- Cherry Limeade Cake Pops

Now on to some pictures of past cakes:

Well, these aren't cakes but they are something new Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

So everyone once in awhile I will get a request for a weird cake or something really cool and I think this falls into both of those categories! 
Zombie Cake- Vanilla cake with Strawberry jam filling. All of the parts are edible and made from fondant.
I love how I made him crawling towards the intestines like he wants to eat them. LOL!
What's a zombie cake without part body parts like brains, eyes and hanging limbs. 

So that's it for now. I will be blogging again this week because I have a lot of fun cakes this week...I will give you a sneak peak one involves a sport, another is a cartoon character and a baby shower cake. 
Until then,

Peace & Blessings