Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pictures & More Pictures!

Hi Everyone!
So I figured that I would blog early in the week while there is quiet instead of trying to get it in while its busy. So my little man has been spending all this week at my mother in law's in New Jersey and I miss him like crazy! This is the first time he has been away from me since he has been born and I am having a tough time. He misses me too which I knew he would, so we will both be happy when Saturday comes and my hubby goes and gets him. I have a wedding cake this week that I will start working on tomorrow as well as a huge muffin order for the same client for her guests. I also have a big cake decorating class with a bunch of teenage girls so this is going to be an interesting weekend. I figured that this post will be catching up on pictures of past cakes instead of another product review. I am in the process of finding another product I want to try, so when I find one.. you will hear about it :)

Sooooo on to the cakes!
 Almond Cake Pop Bouquet

 Jungle Theme Birthday Cake- vanilla and chocolate tiered cake with vanilla buttercream. Fondant accents and 3-d hand molded figures. 

 Mini Dummy Cake- I have been making more display cakes or "dummy" cakes for the shop this is one of them.
 Easter Cake- Chocolate cake with fondant accents and fondant 3-d bunny. 

 Red & Black Polka Dot Cake- Red Velvet cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing. 

 Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Peeps

 Bowling Ball & Pin Cake- lemon cake with vanilla buttercream filling. 

 Mario 25th Birthday Cake- White Chocolate Pound Cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Fondant accents and 3-d hand molded Mario. 
Bird's Nest Baby Shower Cake- vanilla and chocolate tiers of cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Covered in moldeling chocolate with moldeling chocolate accents. 

Until next time...
Peace & Blessings