Monday, June 6, 2011

Mother's Day, Communion & Graduation

Hi All,
     So I have been busy then not busy then busy again... and as always blogging gets put at the end of the list of things that need to be done:( Sighhh.. but since I have so many new photos of cakes and things that are going to be happening soon that I need to get on the ball and blog more..Plus I know you are dying to see more pictures of cakes right??? So I will begin with my Mother's Day cake class..where I taught a mother-daughter duo to make cakes that look like flower pots. They had soo much fun and were quick learners too..its nothing like the banter between mother and daughter that makes me smile...especially since this is the 6th Mother's Day that I have gone through without my own mother. Their cakes were vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting and they dyed there own fondant a terra cotta color to cover their cakes with after I showed them how to carve their cakes. The class took about 2 1/2 hours from start to finish so  I say that is a success. Below is a picture of the class with their cakes:

Other than Mother's Day and wedding season.. it is the season for graduation and communions besides the birthday cake orders I always get. I have also been working on some display cakes for the bakery in order to show off the different types of designs I can do. Below are some pictures of display cakes as well as some graduation, communion and birthday cakes over the last couple of weeks. 
White & Black Wedding Display Cake 
Jungle Birthday Cake - Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
Communion Cake- Vanilla cake with Strawberry Mousse filling 
Lime green & White Zebra/Heart Cake and Cupcakes- cake is Oreo Overload and cupcakes are Butterfinger 
15th Birthday Cake- cheesecake flavored cake 
Burgundy Calla Lily Wedding Cake- delivered to the Stone Mill Inn in Hellam, PA

Sea Theme Display Cake
Purple & Blue Birthday Cake- vanilla cake with oreo buttercream filling 

Purple & White Coach Purse Cake- Red Velvet cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Shipped to Bloomfield, NJ. 
Cupcake 1st Birthday Cake- Berry Overload cake flavor and the smash cake is Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Louis Vuitton Suitcase Cake- cake is chocolate with peanut butter buttercream. Hand molded handle and hand cut out Louis Vuitton symbols. 
Pink Graduation Cupcakes- Cupcakes were in a few different flavors: Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, Vanilla & Peanut Butter. The cuppies were for a York, PA graduation and picked up at my bakery.

Well that is it for now, don't want to overload you guys on the goodness of cake so I will be posting again tomorrow with more delicious pictures of cakes including more graduation pics. 

So until next time..
Peace & Blessing