Monday, June 13, 2011

More Graduation & Celebration Cakes!

So as I stated in my previous post that its graduation season so I have gotten more orders for graduation cupcakes and cakes. I recently got an order for a topsy turvy graduation in the next 2 weeks! So I am really excited about that cake because it fully custom for this particular client. This up coming week is going to be the week from bakery hell in the shop because I have 3 yes! 3 weddings on one day and will be vending at the York City Juneteeth Celebration as well as my regular cake orders. So starting tomorrow I will be spending some long days at the bakery and my interns will probably be cursing me in their sleep! LOL!!!

Father's Day is also coming up and I have decided not to do any classes because I will just be tooo freakin busy to fit them in and also I would like to do something special for my hubby this year so I don't want to doing cake deliveries on Sunday. I think most people don't understand how hard it is to be a small business owner and juggle family at the same time especially when you have a young child like I do. Jayden is 19 months and doesn't understand that mommy is busy and can't come home to play which makes me sad when I come home and he is sleep :( But I do it because I love making cakes and one day I won't have to work so hard. It is also a but frustrating when clients don't want to understand why you can't fit them in or stay later to make it work. I think they forget that cake decorators have families and responsibilities outside of their shops. Or they just don't care. Luckily I don't have to turn down clients to often but I have a feeling that if anyone calls last minute this week (someone always does) that they will be getting a no. And other decorators out there don't be afraid to say NO! If you can't do it, you can't do it... Don't stretch yourself thin and not do a perfect cake because you don't want to make someone a little upset.

I don't know when my next review is coming because I haven't had the chance to get a new cake toy recently, though the hubby and I will be making our first cupcake stand this week. So I will try to remember to take lots of pictures and so you all how I made it. So without further ado... ON to the CAKES!!!

Tuscan- Grape Theme Sheet Cake- This cake was for Scissors & Sun Hair Salon in Red Lion, PA. They were celebrating their 15th anniversary. I felt honored that they asked me to make their cake for such a special day. Basket weave technique on the sides with strawberry-raspberry buttercream tinted light brown. Grapes are made from fondant with royal icing flowers.

Whale Theme 1st Birthday Cake- This particular client wanted a cake to match the invites for her granddaughter's first birthday. She only wanted pinks on the cake so the star fish and whales are all in shade of pink. I know the cake is quite bare compared to my other cakes, but she wanted it to be very simplistic in design. Sheet cake is Apple Pie flavored and smash cake is vanilla. 

Under the Sea 1st Birthday Cake- I loved working with this client! She was so nice and knew wanted she wanted for her son's first birthday. She had personalized invites with his picture on them, under the sea themed. So I will designed the cake around the invite. All of the sea creatures are made from fondant. Cake is vanilla with oreo buttercream and chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The smash cake is vanilla. 
Purple Floral Birthday Cake-Vanilla cake with vanilla whipped filling. 

Graduation Cupcakes- This order was bigger than my normal cupcake orders, this one was 5 1/2 dozen in various flavors. This client brought in a graduation napkin and wanted the cupcake toppers to match the napkin, which I did.

Elmo Sesame Street Birthday Cake- This cake was made for a previous bride whose youngest son turned 2 a little bit before her wedding. She didn't get a chance to have a party for him before she got married so they had one after :) Vanilla cake with Strawberry Jam filling. 

Purple & Zebra 15th Birthday Cake- This client saw a picture of a cake I did just like this one a while ago for another sweet 16. Her daughter wasn't 16 yet but she still wanted something special so I did the same design with some minor changes. I think this one looks before the first one :)
Jungle Babies- I have been venturing out into the world of 3-D figures. Normally my assistant makes most of them but I have decided to dive right in and see what happens. These cuties are first 3 of a set of jungle babies. I still have to make a zebra and the set will be complete. I will be selling these and other things like cupcake toppers on my new Etsy store!

So that is it for to bed for an early morning!
Until then..
Peace & Blessings