Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jayden's 2nd Birthday Party!

Hi Ya'll!
As most of you know that I talk mostly about my experience as a cake decorator, but sometimes I do talk about my son Jayden. Well its kind of awesome when I get to talk about the both of them in one post:) Jayden turned 2 on November 6th so I decided to throw him a small birthday party at home the following weekend. Now for those that know me, know when it comes to my son I tend to over do things. LOL. Well this party was no exception. It was suppose to be really, really small let my hubby tell it he wanted like 5 people there. LOL. But it ended up being more than that. And since it was a kid's birthday party I decided to do a small dessert buffet which turned out not to be so small. I know its a bad habit that I need to curtail. Well any way I ended up cooking a nice late lunch for our guests and decorated our dining room Angry Birds style. I also made a few things like a wooden plaque with Jayden's name on it and the number 2. I also purchased a big letter J at Michaels Craft Store and painted it red to go with the Angry Bird's theme. I also got some small bird houses and painted them in a variety of colors. I had some extra Angry Birds I made from fondant that I glued to the posts on the bird houses to make it looked like they lived there. I thought that was soo cute;)

Now I am by no means as good as some of the other blogs that I follow like Amy Atlas or Kiddie Soiree, but I try. I also decorated the dessert table with yellow, gray and blue fabric along with some red beads for a little bling. For the table itself I made cupcakes, cake pops, white chocolate dipped Oreos and chocolate dipped chocolate marshmallow pops beside the 2 tier cake I made him ( I know.. I said I over did it lol). Well I was happy in the end.. but like always I felt I wanted to do more. My husband was impressed (which is hard to do nowadays since he has seen me do so many cakes) and Jayden had a blast!  He had a fun so that's all that matters, so I can't help but confess that I am already thinking about next year and what I want to do. 
Jayden's Dessert Buffet

Jayden's Birthday Cake- Top tier is vanilla with Oreo Buttercream filling and bottom is Black and White cake with Oreo Buttercream filling 

Close up of Top Tier- Everything done is fondant

Jayden's Name Plaque

Jayden & Me 
Jayden thinks he is cool LOL! 
Well that is all for now.. I do have some more fun pictures coming that I will be posting really soon..

Until then,
Peace & Blessings