Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ruffle Flower & Buttons Birthday Cake

Good Evening Ya'll!
Once again I have fallen behind on the blogging... I do soo good and then I get busy and what happens I forget to blog or don't have the time too. This has been the case the last couple weeks..I haven't had a slow week yet. My Etsy shop is getting orders all the time and with my cake orders it seems like I am always working on something. Add in my crazy 2 year old Jayden and I think you guys get the picture. So finally I've had an afternoon to myself to relax and since Jayden is fast asleep I figure this would be the perfect time to blog:) 
So of course I am working backwards with this post. I did 3 cakes this week (one of which I didn't get a picture of) with a host of figures I had to make to be shipped out all across the country. The one cake that stood out this week was this little adorable pink, gray and white color scheme cake for my client B, whose is repeat client of mine. She ordered a cake for her great grandmother's birthday. Since this was for an older woman I wanted to do a little bit more sophisticated color scheme and think pink and gray are so cute together. I also didn't want to do anything too juvenile in the design so I made some ruffle flowers. I purchased some buttons mold online a few weeks ago and this was the perfect opportunity to try them out on a cake. And can I say I AM HOOKED! I am in love with molds, not only are they so easy to use but they had detail that would be hard to get if I was doing it by hand. So instead of regular centers for my flowers, I made the buttons the center and the result is very pretty. I also have some alphabet cutters I used on this cake as well. The overall look is sophisticated with a bit of whimsy due to the lettering. Needless to say B was really excited when she saw the cake because all she asked for was flowers and happy birthday on the cake. Everything else she left up to me.
Well that's it for this post.
Peace & Blessings