Wednesday, June 20, 2012

XBOX360 Cake

Good Evening Ya'll
   I don't know how I let so much time passed before I put up another post! I just happened to look at the last date and realize OMG it has been almost 2 weeks! So I am now back with new post:) So obviously from the title that the post about an XBOX360 cake that I did about 2/3 weeks ago for a local client. She ordered the cake for her son's birthday. She said he loves XBOX and that he specifically likes the black one (not the white one:( I think that one looks better lol). So of course I told her no problem. About a year ago I did a PS3 cake (with the help of the hubby), so I knew if I can do a PS3 then I knew I could do the XBOX360. She also asked for the controller but it wasn't a very important part of the cake so I decided to work more on the XBOX part of the cake than the controller. Next time if I get an order for a bigger one, I will definitely had more detail but the key to being a cake decorator is to not spend sooo much time on a design that you don't make money from it. Meaning since this was a smaller order I can't spend the same amount of time on it that I would for a bigger order (more expensive order). The key is to price accordingly to how many hours you think it would take to decorate that particular order plus the ingredients/supplies needed to make the cake. If I had my way I would work longer on all of my cakes, but then I wouldn't make any money lol. So yeah below are some pictures I took before the hubby delivered the cake.
White Chocolate cake with Vanilla Buttercream filling. 
Peace & Blessings