Monday, January 11, 2010

New Discount Programs!

I am excited! I am rolling out some discount programs... I know everyone would like to have custom baked goods,but not everyone can afford them so hopefully these new programs will help out a little bit. I will listing on here as well as on my Facebook group page:
 I will also be starting an email listing where I will place all of my new konfections and monthly specials. I also thinking about starting a monthly newsletter in which I will place all of this stuff in, but still thinking about it. I am starting to get more word of mouth business which is great! I LOVE IT! It's nice to see when what you put so much work into starts to blossom. God is mostly definitely good to me! 

Monthly Treat Specials

Kima’s Konfections now offers special treats and cakes each month correlating with the months holiday or season. Each month an e-mail will be sent to you, to tell you about the monthly treat specials you can order. Pictures of each monthly treat will be posted to view and then order. By ordering the monthly treat specials you receive tasty treats at a discounted price. To order please call 862-215-2636 or e-mail at Please have all orders in by the posted due date. Delivery will be available in the Pennsylvania area and shipping for everywhere else. For any questions or if you would like to be on the Monthly Treat Special e-mail list please call 862-215-2636 or e-mail at

Cake Tasting Parties

A Cake Tasting Party is a great way to receive that special cake for a discounted price. Your party can even get you a free cake! To book a party please call Hakima @ 862-215-2636 or e-mail at I will need at least a 7 to 10 days notice before we can have your party. I also will want to go over flavors of cake, filling, frosting, and other treats according to your palate a week before your party. I try to have 3 to 5 cakes, fillings, and frostings to taste.

Hostess Rewards

When you book a party, you will receive a free Mini Cake or 10% off a specialty cake of your choice and design. You also will receive 5% off for every $50.00 in paid orders for your specialty cake. I do ask your guests to pay their orders in-full. I do this to ensure that you can receive your full discount on your cake. Also you have one week after your party for your guests to place cake orders at the discounted price. Enough cake orders can add up to a free specialty cake for you!

Hostess Rewards Chart

$0.00 - $50.00 = 5%
$51.00 - 100.00 = 10%
$101.00 - $150.00 = 15%
$151.00 - $200.00 = 20%
Cake Tasting Party Prices
Round Cakes
4 in. $ 7.00 Serves 4-6
6 in. $13.00 Serves 9-12
8 in. $25.00 Serves 15-20

Square Cakes
6 in. $22.00 Severs 10-15
8 in. $32.00 Serves 20-25
10 in. $40.00 Serves 25-35

Mini cake prices will depend on how much cake and materials are used. Only specific designs are available for cake party prices. Other cake designs will need a consultation.

All cakes and cupcakes come with butter cream or cream cheese frosting. Decorations are simple roses, flowers and borders. Price may be increased depending on design.

Fondant may be added for $5.00 a single tier and $10.00 for a two tier cake. This price includes fondant decorations. Price may be increased depending on the design of the cake.

Fondant may be added to cupcakes for $2.00 a dozen. Price may be increased depending on the design.

All cakes must be paid in full by check or cash. All cake orders must be ordered and paid for with in one week of the cake party. Wedding cakes, larger round and square cakes are not available at listed prices.