Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Ideas & Protesting Baby

Hello once again. So I had a customer order a birthday cake for herself about a week and half ago. I shipped it out yesterday. I think it came out cute though there was some things I wanted to change about it but didn't have the time. The cake was yellow cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream with strawberry and banana filling. I thought it was a nice pairing and my client loved it! I am confident that she will be a repeat customer. It was a modern design of circles in pink, black and white. Below is a picture of it. I also signed up for more cake decorating classes this week so I can get better and learn new techniques. In order to stay on top of your game, you have to constantly learn new things to be able to compete with the other cake decorators out there. I also made a brownie cake today for my husband's co-workers. I always use them as sounding board for new ideas and projects. So it is a brownie cake covered in chocolate buttercream and surrounded by chocolate creme wafer and milk chocolate shavings. I call it Brownie Chocolate Paradise Cake because anyone who loves chocolate will love this cake.

I am working on making my boards better for cakes like this. I am want to be unique in what I offer so I think I am going to work on more cakes like this. I also I like the way chocolate cigarellos look on a cake so I will be learning how to make those as well. I also saw on an UK website ( they offer some of the best stuff, but its so damn expensive!) chocolate roses made from modeling chocolate so I will be learning how to make those as well.

On to baby woos. Today with Jayden was a good day until it is time for him to go to bed. Now my husband works during the day so he doesn't get a chance to see  him until he gets home from work, sometimes later if he has something to do after work. So I encourage him to interact with him as much as possible in order to make their bond stronger because right now Jayden likes to cling to me. So I gave Jayden to my husband after dinner to put him to sleep so I can get some school work done and work on my newest creation (see above). Well Jayden didn't want none of it, he cried and screamed until I picked him back up. He then calmed down so I tried to give him back to my husband, the kid did the same thing again! Now my husband already feels some type of way because of the way Jayden acts towards him sometimes, this newest episode doesn't help. I ended up having to take Jayden back and putting him in the sling to get anything done. I don't know what to do, I think I will just have to keep at it by handing him over when my husband comes home and try not to get involved. I think that is the only way things will get better between the two of them.

More goodies to come!