Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are Bridal Show Really Worth It??

So today I decided that in order to generate more business, maybe I should go to some bridal shows to show some display cakes and samples. So I decided to start internet searching for local bridal shows in the area which were plenty. The problem was that for a vendor, it can be very expensive to go to one. Like a few I saw where $500 just for a table and chairs. WTF?! I very quickly realized that I won't be able to do as many as I would like, rather I might be able to attend one or two this year because finances. :( I have also decided to send my business card and a photo montage of my work to some bridal boutiques and other vendors to drum up business. Also I finished a birthday cake today for a client- Yellow cake with Vanilla Buttecream Frosting with Strawberry and Banana Filling. I come to realize that I don't like doing fruit fillings because they can make the cake uneven. 

On a brighter note... I have signed up for more decorating classes to get even better!