Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Light Week

Well so far this week. I only had one cake to do which is somewhat nice so I can work on the house. Every time I have a lot of cake orders, the things I did to do in the house gets behind. So I am able to check up this week :) The one cake order I had was for a sweet sixteen with a twist. She wasn't girlie at all and the mother said that she liked dark colors which really doesn't work when you are dyeing fondant. I told the mother that black fondant does not taste good when she said her daughter liked black. So we decided on purple and a darker green. The color combination looks a little willy wonka ish, if you ask me but hey I do what the clients want. So jazzed it up some swirls because it looked a little sparse. But you are on your worst critic.When I delivered it the dad was so surprised, he said he liked the way it looked.I did like the way the writing came out. My writer's swing is getting better and better. I also bent the wires this time to do something different, next time I think I will use some curled wire and see what happens. Another successful order completed!

I finished my second decorating class today and it felt great because the cake that I did, came out great! I also learned how to make about 7 different flowers using royal icing. This was something I was definitely lacking so now I am increasing my basic cake decorating knowledge which is definitely valuable especially doing wedding cakes. Below is finally class cake I had to make. It is pound cake with vanilla buttercream. The outside is done in a basket weave pattern with a border top and bottom. All of the flowers I did with royal icing. I signed up for the third class tonight before I came home and can't wait til it starts. I am going to learn more difficult flowers and some more borders. I don't get many orders for buttercream covered cakes, but when I do I want to be able to offer them just as many offers as I have with customers ordering cakes in fondant. I have to do another small cake tomorrow for my husband's friend's birthday. So I will posting those pics tomorrow. I also got my second wedding order for May. I want a small cake and a dessert buffet which is going to be fun for me to do because I get to be creative with the tablescape. I am also doing their centerpieces. Now I know that isn't konfection related but I want to get some aspects of event planning under my belt and I figured starting out small like making centerpieces will give me experience and let me be creative as well. She was telling me her idea for a centerpieces and I came up with a better option which she loved. Part 2 of this post coming tomorrow....