Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adventures in Candy Land!

So Friday was my first candy buffet order for a baby shower in Hallam Township,PA. I went and got everything for it; the candy, the table decor and jars all decorated in pink and brown color scheme. So I was so excited to set up to see everyone's reactions, but when I got there they didn't have a table ready. So they had to make room for me so I wasn't able to set up everything which was kind of disappointing because I wanted to take a picture to show everyone. So I guess I have to wait for the next one. In other news business has been great lately! I am getting more and more calls weekly for orders and it makes me feel so good when people are happy with their product. So let's see I had an order for a sympathy basket which I felt so sorry for the woman receiving it, she lost her husband and they had been together for a very long time. You just don't see that anymore. Any way she asked me if I could possibly but together a veggie and cheese platter with some light sandwiches for her husband's memorial service in April. Now I don't do those things.. stick to konfections, but I couldn't tell her no when she was standing there in front me and just had hip surgery. Call me a sucker for people in need.
So other than the sympathy basket, I had a order for a Princess Tiana cake plus a "smash" cake for her daughter. For those of you who don't have children or don't know what a smash cake is, it is a small cake made specially for the child for them to eat.. normally they smash the cake to eat it especially the little ones so that's why we call them smash cakes. I also had a cake tasting today for another birthday cake, this time for a one year old. Since her birthday is right after St. Patrick's day the mom wanted the cake to have a St. Patrick's mixed with girly theme. So we came up with a really cute idea for her cake. Also the York bridal show was rescheduled to April 18th so I have more time to get ready for it. I guess that's the a good thing but I was just so excited about participating in one. Hopefully, god willing I will able to attend another one this year. Got another phone call yesterday for a sweet sixteen birthday cake to be delivered on Tuesday, so pictures for that will be posted then. The birthday girl is a little on the funky side so it  is going to be dark purple and green with geometric shapes on it. Not to many cupcake orders lately.. I guess they aren't that popular out here. I have another cake tasting tomorrow for a wedding cake :) So I will be posting tomorrow about how that went. If it goes well, I will have my second wedding booked for July.
Princess Tiana Sheet Cake- 1/2 vanilla bean and 1/2 chocolate (all done in buttercream)
I have finally been able to get a hold of my brother's girlfriend for her baby shower. She has had two other children (this one makes three) and this will be the first time someone has given her a shower. I think that's a bit sad, so I am going to do it nice. I have already come up with a color scheme (brown and blue) and have a cake in mind. I am deciding on whether I want to do cupcakes or not, I think I might just go with cake balls as favors. I am also catering the shower as well, so I think I might enlist my cousin to help me since I will staying at my aunt's house with Jayden :) That weekend will be a very jammed back weekend and will be so happy and probably tired once it is over and done with. So back to the shower.. I have started getting decorations. Since she is having a boy, she will be getting all of Jayden's old clothes (imagine he has old clothes already lol) which are not really old because he grows so fast that he is only wearing things a couple of times before they get too small. It also doesn't help that I am the typical first time mom and buys him everything. So she will be set between baby clothes, bottles and a bassinet. I am also doing a really cute diaper cake. I saw it online and the new thing to do for showers. It is a "cake" made from rolled up diapers and ribbon. I even seen some with other things in the cake like little toys and onesies. I am still figuring out what I want that to look like. Well that's it for now.
Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream