Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh How I Love Cake Pops!

Before I talk about my love for cake pops, I made a small personal cake for my husbands' friend's birthday. She likes the color blue so I covered her cake in blue fondant with purple so it looked like a swirl pattern. I also added squares on a diagonal with some yellow accent on top of the cake. I liked the way it came out though I would love for it to have been a two or three tier. I will post the pic in a couple of days after his friend gets her cake. On a side note, I got a phone call from a couple looking for a wedding cake today:) but the thing is that they asked me do I do wedding cakes when there is a section dedicated to wedding cakes on my site. The reason being is that there are no wedding cakes on my site. After he said it, I realized that I might not be getting all the phone calls that I could be getting due to the small amount of pictures on my site and the fact that there are no wedding cake pictures on there. So the cake dummies that I was going to use for the bridal show I will be using next week to take some wedding cake pictures so my web designer can put them on my site. I love doing weddings and I want to get as much business as possible. That phone call was a reminder of how much work that I still need to do to my site and my business.

On to my love of cake pops! I would say cake pops have become very fashionable in the world for the past two years. They are showing up everywhere from the average party to grand weddings. So what is so special about a cake pop? I think its because you can have your cake with out the mess of cutting a cake and using a fork to eat with. Cake pops are on a stick so all you do is just bite and enjoy the yummy goodness :) They can be decorated in a variety of ways and the chocolate coating just adds the special touch to make them irresistible. To make them even fancier, you can take them off the stick and now you have cake balls or cake truffles if you want to get really fancy. And you can make them in many different flavor combinations. So in honor of the cake pop, I will be running a special for the next couple of weeks of cake pops! Flavors coming later on today:)