Friday, August 20, 2010

Weddings & Airplanes!

Hello once again,

So I have been able to blog more lately because I am learning to do my prep work for cakes earlier in the week so by the time I have to start baking cakes or cupcakes I have everything else prepared. It really helped me out last week with all of the orders I had and it also helped out a bit this week. For the past two weeks it has been really really busy for me and I love it! It lets me know that the local community is starting to find out about me :) So on to this week. First up was a cake I had to make for a couple that I did their wedding cake back in July. Due to the heat and having their wedding outdoors (which I warned them about) I had some issues with the bottom tier by the time I go to the venue and then the cake sat outdoors in the heat. Needless to say the fondant slid a little. I explained to her what happened and why the fondant slid. So because I am who I am and want all of my customers happy and coming back, I told her that I would do a smaller cake for at her choosing for free. So this is the cake, it was her husband who turned 25.

Butter cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Filling. The 2 & 5 were separate cakes that I attached to the square cake. 

The next cake was ordered from a repeat customer of mine. She is so easy to work with and gives me free reign as far as design is concern (which I love).
Strawberry Theme Birthday Cake- Strawberry cake with Strawberry Buttercream Filling. I made the strawberries on top from red fondant. The vines are dark chocolate with white dogwood flowers. This was my first time making fondant figures so I am really pleased with the way the strawberries came out. 

The next couple of pictures are from the order a customer picked up today for her sister's wedding. The wedding will be held in Maryland tomorrow. She preferred to take the cake and things down rather than have me deliver. The wedding's theme was red, blue and airplanes. This order was good size too one smaller cake (for the wedding party), sugar cookie favors and cupcakes for the guest. I love doing these kinds of orders because I am doing multiple things for one event and it shows off my skills. 
Airplane Wedding Cake- Triple Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Buttercream fillings. The cake is decorated with blue and white compass roses on the sides. On top sits a little airplane that the couple wanted. A very talented fellow cake decorator did the plane for me since I am not that good with fondant figures yet. I had to put it together and think I did a pretty good job:)
Compass Rose Cupcakes- Matching cupcakes to the airplane wedding cake. Cupcakes were carrot, vanilla and chocolate. Topped with blue and white compass rose. 
Airplane Sugar Cookies- Vanilla sugar cookies decorated with red and blue royal icing. The cookies have the couples name and the wedding date on them. I made the favor tags as well. 

Cupcake Tower- I made this square tower to go put the cake and cupcakes on. 

I really wished that I could have set this up but I will have to wait for pictures so see how she set it up. I will be posting more pictures tomorrow after I deliver and set up a cupcake tower for another wedding. I also made some delicious cakes for my church's annual picnic for the baking contest. I also have a birthday cake to deliver as well. But I have GREAT news for everyone. Kima's Konfections is moving! Yes we have have been approved for a house in the city of York (we currently live in the township). It is up the street from a park on a quiet one way street. But the best thing to me is it has sooo much room! I will be able to have a dedicated room just for the business! Which means I can take on more customers! I am so excited and more updates will be coming soon with pictures. Move in date is set for sometime in October! 

Peace & Blessings