Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding Madness Week!

I have had quite a week this week! I am still recovering from Saturday. WHEW!!!!! Somehow I managed to book 3 weddings on one day! I know I think I might have lost my mind for a second. After I recovered from the initial shock of it..I had to really sit down and think about to schedule this day out. Not to mention I had an additional 5 cake orders for Saturday and 1 cupcake order for the following Sunday! So I got to work..put on "my girl panties" as Caroline from Real Housewives of NJ would say and made it work! All of the cakes were delivered on time and I am quite proud of the way the dessert buffet for wedding number 3 turned out:) I learned many things from this weekend that I will most definitely be double checking and reinforcing the only 2 wedding cakes per day rule and that having extra people on hand is a HUGE plus. I would have never been able to pull this off if it wasn't for my 2 interns, my assistant and my dear hubby. Being a superwoman does have limits and cake deliveries is one of them. You physically can't be in 2 places at once, learn to lean on those around you when you need to and thank them for their help! 

 Vintage Inspired Dessert Buffet: 2 tier cake in Neapolitan flavor, chocolate dipped strawberries, cake pops, mini cupcakes and dessert shooters (dark choc. raspberry, grasshopper, smore and key lime pie). Delivered to Regent's Glen in York, PA.
 Close up of Wedding Cake

White & Blue Wedding Cake- 4 different flavors delivered to Heritage Hills in York, PA.

 Rock Em, Sock Em Wedding Cupcake Tower- Lots of different cupcake flavors. The cutting cake is Gluten-free White Chocolate with fondant made toppers made to look like the Rock Em Sock Em robots in the background.
Star Wars Groom's Cake- Orange Creamsicle cake flavor. 
Black & White Coach Purse Cake- Vanilla cake with Strawberries/Cream filling. 

 Over the Hill Birthday Cake- Top tier is vanilla and bottom tier is chocolate.
Over the Hill Cupcakes- Chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter Buttercream. 

Gluten-free Birthday Cake- Chocolate cake with Milk free Vanilla Buttercream. A lot of clients that are gluten free have diary/milk allergies so this buttercream was made with flax milk instead of regular milk.
Also if you haven't checked out my new Etsy store please do. I will be adding some angry birds toppers tomorrow. I will be adding more toppers over the next couple of weeks. My website will also be getting an overhaul thanks to my web designer, Sharvon of SP Photos! Please go check out her site.  She does website work on the side and is very reasonable so if you are looking for a new web designer, she is your gal!

Until next time...
Peace & Blessings