Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Mario Brothers Go Kart Cake

Hi Ya'll!
It seems like Super Mario Brothers is becoming popular again. This cake is my second Super Mario cake in the last couple of weeks. Not mention I have been getting inquiries about the Luigi and Mario 3D figures I placed up on my Etsy shop 2 weeks ago. Now I have about 5 different listings customers can choose from. Also now up in the shop is 2 characters from the cartoon Backyardigans; Pablo and Austin. Pablo is the penguin and Austin is the Kangaroo. I will be working on the other 3 characters in the coming weeks.

Back to the cake, this client of mine L, has been ordering all of kids cakes from me since last year. I think this is the 3rd or 4th cake I have done so far. I have noticed that each time the design of the cake gets more complicated which for me is a good thing because she is recognizing that I can do much more than she thought I could initially :) She always orders the same flavor combination 1/2 vanilla with oreo buttercream and 1/2 strawberry with vanilla buttercream. So this time was no different except the theme. This cake was for her son who turned 7 and he wanted a Super Mario Brothers theme cake. The twist was that he wanted Super Mario Go Kart theme. I am somewhat familiar with the game since the hubby plays video games so I had an idea, but I had to google the actual characters so I can see what the go karts looked like and how the characters sat in the go karts.

The cake was a 9x13 so I didn't have a whole lot of space to work with in terms on the number of characters I could put on the cake. I ended up with 3 though she wanted more and I had to show her way there was only 3 of them (which you will see with the picture). I love the way Mario and Luigi came out though Toad needs some work ( his mushroom cap was too heavy for his head..gotta find a way to make it lighter). Overall I am once again pleased with the cake and she was too.

My next post will the Gluten free tutorial I promised. This one was just faster to put up at the moment:)

Peace & Blessings