Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super Mario Brothers Cake

Hey Ya'll... Happy New Year!!!!

A new year brings new beginnings and new opportunities. A time to start over, start fresh; anew. I don't necessarily do resolutions because like 90% of people, I end up not doing them. However, my husband and I do write some goals we would like to achieve for the year. Of course on my list of goals this year is to continue to expand my business and hopefully have a plan of where I would like to move my business to. So that is my little blurb on the new year. On to caking:)

This blog is about a Super Mario Brother sheet cake I did last week for a new client. She told me she normally would buy a regular cake from Wal-Mart (gasp!) but decided this year since her son is getting older that she would get a custom cake made :) So she came over and we discussed what is would like in the cake. She immediately told me that her son loves Super Mario Brothers and she ordered some plastic characters to go on the cake. Now I don't like putting plastic characters on my cakes, it reminds me of the store bought cakes. But she was already tied to the idea so I just brain stormed with her to bring in the theme to the rest of the cake. So we decided on coins, the money boxes (as I call them) that the characters hit to make the coins come out. I guess you can tell that I don't play video games huh lol. Also some stars and clouds. She also wanted to stay in the color scheme of red, blue, yellow and green. Very primary color and perfect for a little boy.
Now everything was all set to go and she told me she would drop the characters for me to put on the cake. When she came by, she was a bit upset. I asked her why and she showed me. The characters she owed me we soo small and that would look lost on the cake. So I told her that I could do some of the figures for her to put on the cake but not all of them. One because it was Thursday afternoon and the cake was due the following evening and too some of them are a bit detailed for me to do right now. So I ended up making Mario, Luigi and a bomb character for her cake. I placed the other characters near them so they would still be on the cake but you would be able to tell that is was a Super Mario Brothers theme cake but the much bigger Mario and Luigi.

1/2 vanilla and 1/2 red velvet with vanilla buttercream tinted blue 

Here are some up close shots of Mario as well as the bomb that was on the cake. I think I did a pretty good job on both of them considering I just started doing 3D figures earlier last year. 

Bomb Figure

Well that is it for this post. Up next, my first tutorial making Gluten-free Strawberry cake. 

Peace & Blessings,