Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Late..I'm Late...for a very important date:)!

Hi Ya'll!
So I'm not late for an important that little verse does set the tone for my blog post in that I will be talking about Alice in Wonderland! So I adore the original Alice in Wonderland like I'm sure most of you do.. I can't say the same about too many of the remakes that has made their way to the big screen..but I did most enjoy Tim Burton's remake of Alice in Wonderland with Johnnie Depp. I also love how Wonderland is one of the many different worlds in the series Once Upon a Time (oohhh I just love that show). So I thought it would be fitting to do a post on the theme of Alice in Wonderland.
Now if you are into cake decorating like I am then.. you have surely seen the spike in the number of cakes that have popped up on Google over the last year in that theme. I don't know the reason why but I love to see the different interpretations done in cake:)

Now this one for instance (no I didn't do this one...but mine is coming..hehehe) is the typical Alice in Wonderland theme cake you would see...with Alice falling into the rabbit hole and the clock for the late bunny. The stripes represents the Cheshire cat. This cake was done by Lilo Cakes .

Or you will have some like this.. that just takes a few elements like the cup from the Mad Hatter's tea party and Cheshire cat and completely make something different. This cake is ultra feminine while staying true to the theme of Alice in Wonderland. It also has a extra something in that it is in the topsy turvy style. This cake is by Design Cakes on Flickr.

Or you can have great artistic version like this. I saw this one and fell in LOVE with the characters on the cake. I love how the rest of the cake is an elegant background to the detailedness of the characters. I do figures on some of my cakes..but these are extremely well done. I want my figures to look like that when they grow up:) The figures are very Tim Burton in style. This one was done by a designer across the pond, Sweet as Sugar Cakes in the UK is on Flickr as well.

So here is my version of Alice in Wonderland:)
As you can see mine has many classic characters of the movie like the Cheshire cat, the smoking worm and playing cards. This cake was topsy-turvy as well.. though not from this angle of the picture (trying to show off everything on the cake) and I will probably doing a sharper angle next time I do a cake like this but I do love the way everything came together on the cake. This was also for a baby shower which is why some of the colors are on the lighter scale. I also made "Alice" black since the mommy to be was black. I like to take personal elements of the person who the cake is for and put them into the cake. The most fun was making Alice and the top of the cake which is of course the Mad Hatter's hat:) The mommy to be loved the cake and everyone was so impressed with all of the characters I was able to get on the cake. Next time I would like to add either the Mad Hatter himself or the Queen of Hearts. Overall I am pleased and think I did a pretty good job... don't you???

Peace & Blessings