Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey Ya'll!

I never really loved Christmas the way I do now that I have my son. To  me Christmas always was and still about Christ being born. But now that I have son, its so much fun picking out gifts for him and my in laws. This year the Christmas orders was kind of quiet and I liked it because we went to New Jersey to spend Christmas with the in laws.

But before we left, I made some cupcakes for my church choir. We had a choir fellowship the Thursday before Christmas. I decided to make red velvet cupcakes (I think red velvet is Christmas-y since of course its red). I put fondant gingerbread men and candy cane pops as cupcake toppers.

The second cake I did was for my mother in law. It was kind of an exchange of sorts. My husband is Haitian American and his mother is Haitian. She immigrated to the US before my husband was born, so she has been here for quiet a while and is now an American citizen :) but she only cooks traditional Haitian food which I can't cook. So any time we go visit my husband always request what he wants to eat while he is there.. well fast forward 4 years and I have developed a taste for Haitian food as well. So this year I made a request of my own through my sister in law. So in exchange for cooking my favorites, I made her a Christmas theme carrot cake. The carrot I made was the traditional carrot cake but without the raisins in it and I switched the filling. So instead of a regular cream cheese icing, I made a mascapone cheese buttercream. I haven't worked with that kind of cheese before so I was a bit worried as to how she would like it, but apparently I had nothing to worry about because she and everyone else LOVED it! I was soo pleased.

The last cake I made was for a Christmas birthday. I hope you guys follow me on this one but my god daughter's older sister's son (my god daughter's nephew) was born on Christmas. He turned 5 and loves the Cars movies. So his grandmother ordered a small Cars themed cake for his birthday with a Lightning McQueen figure on top. I was pleased with how the cake topper came out since I haven't done a car of type before. I know what I would do differently now, but for my first try he was pretty cute. The cake was vanilla with a chocolate pudding filling (since the birthday boy doesn't like fillings).

So that was Christmas caking this year. It was kind of nice not having 20 cakes to make while trying to wrap gifts and hiding toys away from my 2 year old:)

Peace & Blessings,